"BSAG brings results"
“BSAG brings results”

Why choose Business Strategy BSAG – often called “b-strat” – for assistance to your company management? There are six reasons for that:

  1. Above all, because “We Bring Results” – our sincere and honest BSAG slogan:
    • Fact based and target focused corporate business strategies
    •  Innovative product/market strategies with an international scope
    •  More effective organisation structures, geared to achieve set targets and implement given strategies
    •  Specific ways to increase market shares and sales volumes
    •  Increased profitability both in the short and longer term
  2. Then, because we do our work in close cooperation with top managements and selected client persons, not pretending we alone have all the answers
  3. Further, because we use well-selected approaches and specially developed IT-based tools that have proved to help us and managements to effectively bring results in a short time
  4. Also, because we actively take part in implementation planning and control, to ensure that strategies and steps are successfully implemented in practice
  5. Moreover, because our team consists of seasoned persons with long, varied and relevant international experience
  6. In addition, because we are a small and serious firm who does not see a need for expensive offices or high-class travel to impress clients and consume resources.

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