For clients in practically any industry, we specialise in four key areas:


Profit improvement
Profit improvement

In cooperation with management and selected persons in the company, we define or develop:

  • Corporate, divisional and product/market targets
  • Business and product/market strategies
  • Strategic implementation plans

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Organisation – Our thoughts

BSAG’s basic idea of effective organisation structuring is not necessarily to follow any “textbook” solution, either:

  • A traditional multi-level hierarchy that may result in more focus on status-climbing than on specific results
  • Or a flat, more “modern” structure with too broad responsibilities on top, requiring greater than expected detail control of too many persons rather than optimal delegation to the best ones

We do have some respect for a division of responsibilities by product or service area, which can involve heavier focus on sales and direct profits. However, there is a risk of duplication of various functions:

  • Most likely in field sales or marketing efforts in the same or overlapping markets
  • Or in similar staff functions costing extra overheads.

In reorganization projects, our main aim is to design any new or revised structure to what is needed to attain specific goals in the most cost effective way, i.e. a structure that easiest and fastest brings high and target-focused performance and results for the money spent.

  • That again requires fact-based target-setting and competitive strategies
  • These must be well thought-through, effectively implemented, closely followed-up
  • Which has to be enabled by the chosen organizational design.

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Profit Improvement

BSAG identifies ways to maximise profitability through well-defined analytical measures:

  1. Define real profit contributions by business segment and subsegments
    • Concentrate on directly “caused” costs for any product, market, customer group or activity
    • Identify direct profit contributions generated for each part and subpart of the business
  2. Define segments, subsegments or activities with potential for volume increase
    • Or that have too low potential for receiving any priority or attention
  3. Rationalise indirect costs incl. overheads to levels really needed for product or activity in question
    • Achieve minimum cost levels by each segment and subsegment through clear management decisions and effective implementation
  4. Attain increased profit levels by area and overall, pursuing target-focused strategies

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International Expansion

In planning and helping to implement client expansion or new entries in foreign markets, we exploit our broad experience, language skills and extensive network.

We adopt approaches and steps specifically adapted to the company’s situation:

  • Thoroughly analyse fact-based opportunities and hurdles outside the home market
  • Define alternative objectives and strategies
  • Work out Best & Worst Cases based on measurable risk and cost levels.

Examples of Client Cases

  • Product Testing Group – International expansion strategy, see case here.
  • Travel Operators – Sales/marketing, profit improvement, international growth, see case here.

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