BSAG brings results!
BSAG brings results!

To live up to Business Strategy BSAG’s sincere promise – “We Bring Results” – we  combine our broad international experience with the use of five specific, effective and even partly unique approaches depending on the project’s focus agreed upon:

  • Three Steps in a client study
  • Strategy Mapping
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Interactive Organisation Structuring
  • Analytical Management Selection

Three Steps in a client study

Our three-step approach is a proven way to carry out overall corporate an alysis and used by some of the largest and best known international consulting firms.

This approach ensures that data gathering and analysis are focused on bringing findings relevant to strategic decision making –at minimum study time and client cost.

For further info, click to read PDF illustration.

Strategy Mapping

An “Analysis Tree” approach to clarify existing or new strategic ideas and to measure or identify the potential value and results of different, possible strategic actions.

For further info, click to read PDF illustration.

Advanced Segmentation

An approach to identify which smaller or larger parts of the client’s business – products, markets, submarkets, customers, users – really bring results beyond “directly caused costs” and can contribute to coverage of overheads. Particularly useful as a basis for revised product/market priorities and renewed strategies. Read More

Interactive Organisation Structuring

An IT-based tool, developed by BSAG to put a company’s international and often complex organisation structures into one single file that can be put on the Intranet, Extranet or Internet. Within this file, individual companies or functions can be addressed by just a click. This substantially facilitates overviews, searches, updating and even harmonisation of varying structures. Read More

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