Client: An advanced, major Norwegian-based but international, technical product-testing company. Owned a large number of other testing companies located in other European countries and the USA. Substantial international success carrying out product recognition tests of branded consumer products manufactured in the EU, USA and Asia by well known electronic or electrical companies. Test results were adopted in all areas mentioned.

Advanced quality testing
Advanced quality testing

Situation: Originally founded by a government body, the later privatised company enjoyed fast growth in sales and profitability through its advanced technology and successful internationalisation. Utilised their technical knowledge of product quality safety needs and in-use security. Company found itself being at a crossroads regarding just maintaining or furthering its significant international role.

Issues: How evaluate company’s present and planned international expansion strategies? Highly appropriate or less so, in view of test market developments?

Findings: Through our analyses of HQ plus international visits, we found sufficient evidence that company’s basic aims were realistic. And that current local strategies – with certain exceptions – were sound, at least in the medium term (4-8 years). Thus we largely confirmed and supported current strategies and plans.

Solutions: Corporate HQ to strengthen its control of each local operation and its resulting overall market share and profitability. This particularly in view of certain EU moves potentially reducing the basic necessity of independent, outside product testing.

Implementation: Business Strategy BSAG’s analyses were fully accepted by company management and Board. Recommendations were imple­mented extensively and successfully. BSAG presented changes to several subsidiary managements, helping to achieve necessary improvements.

Results: The company successfully continued its well managed operations and ensured action in areas as recommended.

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