Pharma precision
Pharma precision

Client: In an important pharmaceutical niche, today a large and successful international Group with several large production plants and 40+ sales companies worldwide. An initial client for an overall study of its Gründer-type operations, later ongoing projects during more than a decade. Assisted through a multitude of projects to help run the company’s worldwide operations even more professionally as an important world market factor in its product/market fields.

Situation: Founded almost 30 years ago, the Group achieved fast and continual growth in sales and profitability. At unusually high profit rates, international sales are now beyond the EUR one-billion level and the Group is among a small number of top world leaders within its well-selected product niches.

Issues: How to select strategies and become organized for the future, given a great start and the likely need for new concepts. Later projects: How to solve specific problems coming up during the Group’s continual expansion including several large company acquisitions. And to ensure that its organisation and the calibre of its managers is up to any competitive standards.

Findings: Working for a typical, but alreadly large Gründer company in our first study, Business Strategy BSAG focused first study on critically evaluating the company’s strategic issues and its organisational “multi-hub” concept to determine best basis for future success. This got basically confirmed through our findings and comparisons with other companies typically managed from one largeHQ. – Later, following heavy expansion, we found that the Gründer approach, and the calibre of managers at various levels, could be improved to ensure further success.

Solutions: Group to strengthen its organization and enable more delegation. This required enhancement of management qualities in several large and many smaller, fast expanding company units. Introduction and implementation of a highly useful personality testing system, Predictive Index (PI),  to enable “management inventories” and better evaluation of large numbers of applicants internationally.

Implementation: Business Strategy BSAG’s recommendations were almost generally accepted in the Group and imple­mented with considerable success. Assisted in solving a great deal of issues both at HQ and in larger or smaller Group units. Succeeded in measurably enhancing average level of management qualities in the entire Group, and in helping management to take good decisions on present managements and hundreds of candidates to positions of critical importance to the progress of the Group and its individual units.

Results: Clearly overall increased organisational and managerial effectiveness at in practically all of the Group’s key subsidiaries worldwide. Following the efforts of managemers helped in many ways by Business Strategy BSAG, the Group continues its fast progress as a whole, in most of its units and in practically all product/market fields where it operates.

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