Business Strategy BSAG is conveniently based in the middle of Europe, i.e Küsnacht- Zürich. BSAG serves company managements in a large number of countries and industries. We have a strong record, and BSAG has in fact been:

  • Serving 24 large and mostly leading corporations
  • Working in as many as 17 countries
  • Carrying 60 successful projects for top managements or Boards
  • Developing fact-based solutions within 30 different industries.

A highly qualified team

Through our broad and international experience we are well geared to serve demanding, international company managements on key issues in practically every industry and business area. To explain, we are:

  • A small, but dedicated, seasoned, hard working group, eager to produce the best service to our clients and to live up to demanding expectations
  • University-level educated in business administration, economics, finance and organization
  • Experienced in consulting as well as managerial, Board and managerial situations
  • Fluent speaking and writing in the most essential Western languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Spanish/Portuguese, Polish, Russian, scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Swedish, Danish)
  • Used to the challenge of delivering unusual performance regardless of the issue to be resolved or the company or environment in question
  • Geared to produce measurable results regardless on practically any problem solving task given us.

Key persons involved

Gunnar Hauge
Gunnar Hauge

Norwegian, in Switzerland for decades. MBA educated via Norway, Denmark and USA. Worked for top companies such as Procter & Gamble, McKinsey and the shipping/industrial concern A.P. Møller-Maersk. Done high-level management consulting through Business Strategy BSAG for international and local clients during the past several decades.


Marie-Jo Jones

Marie-Jo Jones (-Herzog): French Swiss and British, MBA from HEC Lausanne. General consultant, IT specialist, web strategist and publisher. Running our Lausanne office, playing a major role on BSAG studies in Switzerland and internationally.


Stein Bendixen
Stein Bendixen

Stein Bendixen: Norwegian, educated in Political Sciences. Board memberships in local and international companies. Broad record of consultancy with company managements. Investor Relations. Associated BSAG consultant playing important role on Nordic and international projects.

Izabella Guebeli
Izabella Guebeli

Izabella Guebeli: Born in Poland, lives in Lausanne. Educated in chemical engineering (MSc) and in business (MBA) from HEC Lausanne. Worked for Swiss based international companies such as Dupont de Nemours and Tetrapak in technical and project responsibilities. Contributes on BSAG studies internationally and as needed in Poland/eastern Europe.

External advisors

Jacques Bojin
Jacques Bojin

Jacques Bojin: French, lives in Paris and Bandol. Trained as a mechanical engineer from Arts & Métiers/ParisTech with a degree in Economics from Sciences Po. Paris and a MBA from the MIT Sloan School, USA. After McKinsey, ran own, large consulting firm in France specialized in corporate strategy and Industrial Marketing. Top managerial experience from large shipyard. Board member and consultant to several French companies. Continual advisory roles with top French managements. Cooperates closely on BSAG consulting issues and international studies.

Antonio Giordano
Antonio Giordano

Antonio Giordano: Italian, lives in Milano. MBA from Harvard. Started own consulting firm after McKinsey, runs it today successfully serving leading companies, see Cooperates with BSAG on international consulting strategies and on suitable studies.


Contact us

Call BSAG on +41-44-910 38 00 or send us an email below.

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