Conveniently based the middle of Europe, BSAG serves company managements in a large number of countries and industries. We have a strong record and BSAG has in fact been:

  • Serving 24 large and mostly leading corporations
  • Working in as many as 17 countries
  • Carrying 60 successful projects for top managements or Boards
  • Developing fact-based solutions within 30 different industries.

Key Approaches

To live up to Business Strategy BS AG’ s sincere promise – “We Bring Results” – we combine our broad international experience with the use of four specific, effective and partly unique approaches depending on the project’s focus agreed upon. Read More


For clients in practically any industry, we specialise in 4 key areas:

  • Strategies
  • Structures
  • Profit Improvement
  • International Expansion

Read More

How to make a winning strategy

A good strategy must be based on a clear formulation of short/medium to longer term objectives or goals, set in business terms. Those may be be financial or market oriented… Read More

 Organisational Charts

Is your company’s organisational chart up to date? Is it easy to maintain? If it is not the case, check our unique and user-friendly IT-based tool called OneFile-MultiClick. Read More

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